Week one complete

I have about 20 minutes while my hair changes color in a stylists chair, seems a good time to catch us up on the completion of week one.

Two words: it sucked.

I was feeling positive about my diet, a little less so about my workouts. I did not go in for any additional gym time, and I haven’t done anything at home (come on, how hard is it to do a dozen crunches while the kid eats a bowl of fruit? Planks while he naps?)

Took a look at my food journal and, well crap. I am a carbohydrates whore. I love me some carbs and everything that seems “healthy” is full of them. This is the hardest part for me. I hate fruit, I hate vegetables, I love bread. I love pasta, and pretzels, and fucking girl scout cookies. Oh and the between meal snacks, curses!

Every week we have to turn in our food journals and I fully expect a lecture from my trainer. While most days I managed to keep my caloric intake to around 1600, about 60% of my calories come from carbs. Yogurt is starting to grow on me, which is a good thing, but I have got to find a way to make greens more palatable.


food my food eats.jpg

As far as work outs go, class with a new trainer on Saturday was interesting.  Everyone in these classes are very “U rah rah lose weight, go team!” This should be a good thing, but can be a little overwhelming. When it comes to work-outs, I tend to be a lone wolf. I focus all of my energy into surviving, tune out everything and everyone else, make it through. We would be about half way through a rep and I realized “maybe I should be cheering people on.” Let’s just nope past that and expend all my energy grunting through the lift and move to the next thing. We were finishing up the workout and I kept thinking “This was not terribly challenging today” and I was disappointed. Then we did a set of eight kettle bell exercises to finish off the hour. I wanted to cry, finished last, and about died on the floor. Our trainer then tells us we are only doing once through today, but next time plan for six times through. I’m reconsidering my 8 a.m. Saturday class now.

All-in-all, this is going about as well as I expected. I weighed in on Saturday at 188.0 lbs, I ate better than normal but not well enough, and I hate everything. Sunday I walked around like a person whose muscles had been torn apart and put back together; so like a person who exercised well. I can do this. Bring on week two.


Author: blyther

There isn't much to say. I'm a bartender, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a pain-in-the-ass. I like movies and music. I like to talk too much about things I don't fully understand. I have a limited grasp on politics, government, life, and love. What I do have is so many opinions on random crap. So welcome to my depository for the things floating in my brain as they are being purged out via keyboard.

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