And then there is one of those days

Some days you have a solid workout. Hit your target reps. Increase your weights. Lose a few pounds on the scales. 

And then some days you take a 12 pound medicine ball to the face. 

Today, I took a 12 pound medicine ball to the face. My own fault, really. I was starting my second set of four in a four part circuit. I grabbed my 12 pound medicine ball and slammed it into the ground as hard as I could, and next thing I know I’m checking to be sure I have all my teeth and recovering my thankfully-still-in-tact glasses from the floor. 

Apparently I grabbed the wrong medicine ball. 

I’ve done ball slams a hundred times and never had the ball come up more than a few feet, so the fact that it bounced right back into my face was a shock. 

After the initial nausea, the sudden yet not fulfilled urge to vomit, and a few minutes making sure I wasn’t going to pass out; I collected my things and drove my damaged ego to urgent care. 

Turns out you don’t need stitches on the inside of your lip. Even though I split it wide open and spent the entire drive applying pressure to keep myself from swallowing a quarter of my own blood supply. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. 

The only thing that hurts more than my mouth is my pride. Well, these things happen. Won’t keep me from going back on Wednesday night.

Weigh-in: 180.8 (Curses weekend! I was 179.4 on Friday!) Jeans fit great, but I’ll be going through some extra lip gloss the next few days. 

P.s. It is impossible to get a good photo of the inside of a split lip without causing yourself extreme pain.