Let’s take a moment and talk about what’s in our pants

too cruel.gifOh wait a minute, let’s not.  You know why? Because it’s none of our fucking business what’s in someone else’s pants.

For the love of god why is this a thing? That’s right, because people are so fucking afraid of what they don’t understand they have to drag it out into the open, publicly shame and humiliate, and then create laws against it.

I’m not going to say anything new or insightful here. Everything that needs to be said, has been said by writers who are better word-crafters than I will ever be. I’m just going to tell you my opinion on the matter because this shit is really bugging me.

I have trans friends who I care about a great deal. I don’t see them much these days, but I do keep in touch via social media. I see what is happening in this country and how cruel people are. It hurts me because it hurts them. It hurts me because it is so insanely ridiculous I can’t string a sentence together that is not laced in profanity because it angers me so much. (oops)

The people who care about what is going on in the bathroom stall next to them, they are the predators. I don’t care who is sitting on the can in the CLOSED DOOR STALL next to mine. I’m not looking through the cracks to make sure they have a V and not a D. As a populace we actually care less about people fucking in the bathroom stall next to us than the gender of the person taking a dump.

The people who want to make Trans bathroom use an issue are predators. There is no question. They are the ones who are engaging in poor bathroom etiquette to be sure that the person’s bits match the sign on the door. They are the one outing, in most cases, a complete stranger. They are the ones who are doing irreparable harm to innocent human beings who just want to live their lives every day like everyone else.

Can you imagine being the cop that gets called to deal with this? “Hello officer, I just tried to drop a deuce in the Applebee’s Women’s room and I’m pretty sure that there is a man in there. Can you arrest them for having to pee and not using the correct bathroom?”

How horrifying is that? Think about it for one second, just one. You have to use a restroom. You’re already dealing with all the bullshit involved in using a public restroom, because they are fucking gross. Now you have to worry about someone trying to get you outted? You have to deal with people accusing you of breaking the law, humiliating you in public, fucking up your already fucked up day? Can you honestly imagine the fear this ludicrous issue is causing people to live in every day?


There is no doubt in my mind that being a trans human requires a level of emotional strength that I could not  possibly understand. I can’t, in a million years, begin to grasp what they must go through their entire lives. How strong they have to be to make the decision to transition; to tell their family, friends, co-workers. To change their name and their identity. To learn to be the opposite gender, because, lets face it; our parents teach us how to be the gender we are born. I’ve got nothing on that.

I say this with absolute love and honesty: I truly envy these people and I hope that my friends know that. I hope they all understand how incredible they are to follow their hearts to be who they are meant to be. There are a lot of us out there who have your back and if some trippy-bitch tries to kick you out of the god damned bathroom I have your back. Mark my words.

So what is my opinion on this? It is none of my fucking business.

You are a human, not a gender. You are you. If that means you use the same bathroom as me, then just used the damn bathroom. I don’t care. It is literally a place where we dump our bodies waste; why do we have to care if whoever is doing number two in stall three used to be a dude once upon a time?

love is love.gif